June 2013 Re-accreditation

NACCC Re-accreditation 2013 – 2016

All supported Child Contact Centres are required to be thoroughly checked every 3 years by The National Association of Contact Centres (NACCC), our national association, to ensure we meet the national standards for this service.
Bristol Child Contact Centre submitted all our documentation and had a wide-ranging interview on May 11th about our policies and practice. All was judged to be in order, and we now have a new certificate for the period up to May 2016.

Legal Aid changes from 1st April 2013

Very few parents are now eligible for Legal Aid for family law cases, whether on financial, residence or contact issues. (See below for those cases with Eligibility)

The Good News is:
Family mediation can still be funded, including legal advice in connection with it.
Use of our Contact Centre is still free of charge.

There are two routes to a referral to our Centre:
First, ask a professional, such as a Social Worker, Health Visitor, Support Worker.
They can print off a referral form from the ‘Contact Us’ page on this site.
Second, you can refer yourself.
In that case, you don’t need to fill in a form – we will do it at your preparation visit.
It is helpful if you read the ‘Parent Information’ sheet – find it on ‘About Us’ page.
Just check, if possible, that the other parent is willing to come to an interview too.
Then phone or email us to discuss the details.

Eligibility for public funding in family cases
The unlawful removal of a child
Forced marriages
Protective injunctions, e.g. non-molestation Orders
An applicant (parent) who is under 18
A parent with evidence of a domestic violence risk to themselves
The case of a child at risk of abuse from another person.

New volunteers sought

We regularly advertise for new volunteers to join our Saturday teams, and are advertising at present, in local journals and Volunteering websites. All suitable applicants of any age over 18 are welcomed. If you happen to be from groups presently under-represented in the teams – which means men, people from a variety of Bristol’s ethnic groups, and younger people – we would specially like to hear from you. Just take a look at our Volunteering page, then email or phone the Coordinator if you’re interested to pursue the idea. We always have a discussion about what the work entails, and a visit to the Centre, before any forms need to be filled in.

Funding from Bristol’s Quartet Community Foundation

A donor associated with this fund has generously given us £1000 for our ongoing work. We are most grateful for the added security this gives us.


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