Bristol Child Contact Centre is on the Radio!


‘Putting Children First’ was the special title of Bristol Community fm Radio’s Silver Sound programme on Friday 9th February. The music was chosen with this theme in mind, plus there were interviews with Contact Centre coordinator Monika, and Anne, a team leader. It’s always worthwhile to have the chance to introduce our service to a wider audience, which in this case is likely to be the older generation. Grandparents can have an important role in finding out about contact centres for the children’s parents, and sometimes in using them for their own contacts.

Monika and Anne also talked about the various roles of the volunteers and encouraged people to apply to join the teams. It’s really rewarding and worthwhile.

Online is the easiest way to listen in, at (go to the “shows” tab, then click on “Silver Sound” and select the date and time). Our Silver Sound 10.00-11.00 show will be there for 60 days. Many thanks to BCfm for enabling this programme.


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